Palette Cleanser: Stripe Knit Sorbetto

Following all the muslining fun yesterday I felt the desperate need to complete something, anything, from start to finish. So out came this remnant of black & white striped knit and Colette’s Sorbetto pattern. There was only 75cm (30 in) of the fabric but it was more than enough.

I omitted the front pleat and lowered the scoop neck by 2in. At the back, I made a quick tie inspired by Mena’s Sorbetto on the Sew Weekly which is very appropriate given last week’s theme of inspiration from their archives.


I lowered the back scoop neck then added the tie piece to the centre, like Mena added to the bottom in her picture above, then cut down the centre to create the two ties.

I was so excited to put my new twin needle to use, but I ended up only finishing the arm holes due to some serious tension issues from dear Elenor.

The top side worked out okay-ish.

But the bottom tension was a disaster. Instead of the bobbin thread zig-zagging nicely between the two rows, it stayed straight and my machine doesn’t have separate tension for the bobbin.

Still, it meant the whole shebang was finished in well under and hour and I can’t complain about that.




  • Stevie August 18, 2011

    Pretty. I have yet to make a sorbetto but today could be the day!

  • Sølvi August 18, 2011

    Pretty! Sorbetto is fabulous!

  • Allison August 18, 2011

    I’m glad to hear that others get frustrated with sewing sometimes too. I love sewing, but last weekend I was trying to finish a dress I had started and couldn’t finish it to my liking, so i switched to making a shirt I had ready to go, and nearly finished it but HATED it, so I just threw that one away. I finally turned back to a pattern I had successfully made once before, and was able to get my juju back.
    So frustrating.

    ….oh ps, your top looks great. I have yet to try the sorbetto top, but I might have to change that soon.

  • Candice August 19, 2011

    Very cute!

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