The Brumby-Blue Dress: BurdaStyle 9/2011 #104

This dress is blue. Like, really blue. And you know who likes blue? One of my favourite blogging friends Brumby.

Brumby was the first blogger I got to know after setting up this blog. She writes on sewing, sustainability and a million other fantastically random musings over at utbwb. And she makes gorgeous jewellery like this.

If you’re speedy, you can enter the give-away she is hosting which encourages being good human beings (closes Friday NZT).

As soon as I saw this fabric my brain went directly there, though I think it was all the subliminal messaging of her summer palette pins. And so this dress is now known as the Brumby-blue dress.

The pattern:

We had a few disagreements, this pattern and I. Some parts were delightful like the perfectly drafted waistline pleats that aligned like a dream, and some, like inserting an invisible zipper into six layers of gathers and fabric were not.

The magazine version is made from chiffon so actually has even more layers than my dress as many pieces are double-layered.

I imagine if I’d tried to use chiffon I would still be in a corner somewhere rocking in the foetal position. As it was, the zipper almost killed me  it and I would have given up if not for all the lovely advice from you folks. You’ll have to take my word for it that it does up because it won’t win any contests and I refuse to take a detail shot of it.

Here is a picture of a puppy instead – believe me, you will feel better than if it was a picture of a zip.


Once I got over my tantrum, the rest was straight forward and I’m quite pleasantly surprised with the result.

Do you have piles of UFOs or do you diligently finish everything you start?


23 thoughts on “The Brumby-Blue Dress: BurdaStyle 9/2011 #104”

  1. Alaaannna, you made me well up with tears. I feel so honoured that when you think of blue you think of me, that’s so very very sweet!!! I literally have little butterflies in my belly with joy!

    Setting my emotions aside, can i say SHABANG, you look foxy! The dress was well worth persevering with (much like it’s namesake who is also notoriously difficult and annoying but worth it in the end..) , the colour is amazing on you, I am little bit jel! When you finally haul you butt down here, we need to take it out for a night of cocktails!

    As for your question, I have so many UFO you could almost mistake my studio for Area 51. I try not too, but as you know, fickle, remarkably fickle, at my age, i’m unlikely to get any better.

    1. Thank you! These photos used a free trial of Adobe photoshop and Adobe inDesign but most of the editing could be done using the free programme I usually use. The Adobe programs just make it easier :)

    1. Thanks chick! I was actually thinking about you recently or rather I was thinking about your Rooibos. I saw on Karen’s blog that you’re working at Raystitch which is literally just down the road from me. So if you ever feel like picking it up again give me a yell and I can meet you down there if it would help :)

  2. That colour I believe was made for you…and there is no accompanying evil laugh here…hihihihihihi…..well maybe just a little. But it suits you so well. I’m going to see la Melizza on sunday at Raystitch. care to come? Plus I need ur email to send u a pic of those african prints.

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