2011 Reflections

End to another crazy year and time for some silly reflection!

Here are a few statistics and superlatives.

Whether it’s people looking for fancy dress costumes or the popularity of Simplicity 2692, The Mermaid Dress was the most viewed post for the second year in a row.

The piece I’ve worn to death over the summer has been this Sloppy Striped Sorbetto. With leggings around the house or with skinny jeans and a cardigan something about those black and white stripes just works with everything.

Speaking of Colette Pattern’s Sorbetto… here’s 5 more. Definitely my most used pattern. I loved the opportunity to experiment with pattern alterations off of the basic block.

The post with the most comments was this experiment in drawing a personalised croquis from the Colette Sewing Handbook. I’m really interested in seeing who else has done this exercise – maybe we can start a croquis gallery (maybe anonymous if preferred). It could be linked with different fitting adjustments, e.g. different examples of sway back. Just throwing it out there.

Hmm, I’m not sure which random google algorithm lead the most amount of people here using the term “elbise çizimleri”. Google translate tells me it is Turkish for “dress drawing”, so hoşgeldiniz to any readers from Turkey.  Interestingly also in the top 10 are kıyafet çizimleri (costume drawing), dress drawings, drawings of dresses.

523 people found their way onto this post via wordpress and were bitterly dissapointed to find a post on Burda Magazine’s questionable styling after I accidentally used the term n * k e d lady.

I was absent for the first few months of the year due to travel for work and procrastination over sorting a proper sewing space. However, one good thing that came out of it is this tutorial on how to re-cover an office chair.

In which I talk on video (Pendrell Blouse Part one + two)

Ugghh, no one should ever watch themselves on video.

The most incoming links this year came from the superb Snug Bug. Here’s a big bouquet to say thanks, Patty!

Thank You flowers to Amy from Sewing Through the Motions and Karen from Did You Make That? for the vintage patterns and lucky dip I won in your give-aways this year.

My absolute favourite sewing moments this year have been meeting up with lots of lovely ladies for cocktails, shopping and, of course, stitching. It’s been just awesome.

So there it is 2011, done and dusted. Here’s to a smoother 2012!


First Column (top to bottom): 2 Double-knit Jennys, Brumby-Blue Dress, Sew Grateful Dress, White Lace Tee.

Second Column (top to bottom): Sunshine Blouse (fail), Christmas Macaron, Colour-blocked Blouse.

Third Column (top to bottom): Floral Skirt, Liberty Tee, Minoru Sweater Dress.

Fourth Column (top to bottom): Pendrell, Silk Sorbetto, English Summer Sorbetto.

Last Column (top to bottom): Colette Rooibos, Striped Sorbetto, Ugly Pants.

2010 Round-Up.

Lastly but by far not leastly, thanks to all of you for your support this year!

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17 thoughts on “2011 Reflections

  1. What a great overview! I wasn’t here to read most of the year, but it’s a great summary of what’s gone on. I think I found you looking for Sorbetto tips, rather tame compared to the Burda lady! I’m looking forward to seeing what 2012 brings.

  2. Such a good recap, I was laughing pretty hard by the time I got to “Weirdest Traffic Blip” + the ribbons are great. Can’t wait to see what you have planned for 2012. Happiest Holidays to you!

  3. Fabulous end of year round-up! I am going to totally do the office chair make-over–I had somehow missed that post!! I can’t wait to meet-up in the New Year!!!

  4. I am bookmarking this just so that I can try to work out how you managed to do such wonderful photo montages! I only recently discovered your blog and I love what you sew. Looking forward to 2012.

  5. Great post Alana!

    It inspired me to see how people were finding their way to my site. One google search in which led people to me was “extreme denim close up”, who would search for that?! Extreme denim lovers maybe.

    Can’t wait to see what you make in 2012, and I hope England has been treating you well.


  6. I just love your blog. Your beautiful mermaid dress was visited by me many times this year as I think you look stunning in it. Your sizing is somewhat similar to mine so i love how your garments turn out. And thankyou for putting your body tracings onto your blog. I also have the Collete book but seeing someone else doing it has made so much more sense for me now. keep it going. Love your work.

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  8. Ah, I love this! The weirdest traffic blip is hilarious. Mine is people searching for, er, “c r * t c h l e s s riding pants” and ending up on my post about making leggings (hope that little trick works here, too!) Love this year end review!

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