A Ginormous Gingham Bow: Simplicity 2154

Oh it was quite lovely to get back to working with fabric rather than css & html this week. Hopefully most of the glitches (mostly in firefox) have come right but if not please do let me know!

Simplicity 2154 has been on my wishlist since it popped up in June last year. It’s one of Simplicity’s re-issued 1960s patterns and includes a cardigan, jacket, skirt and this big bow-bedecked blouse.

In woven gingham this was a straightforward but interesting make – the darts are shaped and angled rather than up and down which lends a nice fit. The collar sits beneath the bow which is stiched in place and the back neck fastens with a button and loop. It also has a side zipper although I think you could get by just fine without it.

The bow itself is fully interfaced and combined with the gingham it has a life of it’s own. I think next time I’ll leave off the interfacing bacause as fun as it is – I don’t want to feel costumey in it either. It also sits nicely – as many vintage blouses do – over a cardigan which is how I’m wearing it as I write.

I also think it’ll be a pattern that lends itself to different kinds of fabric – I’d love to try it in a soft vintage rayon for example so you can definitely expect to see this one again!


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52 thoughts on “A Ginormous Gingham Bow: Simplicity 2154

  1. This is exactly like my first version of the blouse! I love it! I have also made it in rayon with no interfacing in the bow and it looks completely different. This is one of my favorite blouse patterns. Yours looks fantastic on you!

  2. This is so lovely, it has this vintage vibe which I love but doesn’t look dated, it could come from a highstreet store. I think this might be my first comment yet, but I’ve been following your journeys for quite a while now and admire your skills and style. Congrats on moving the blog.

    • I’ve seen so many lovely versions of the skirt – I definitely plan on giving it a go. As for the blouse, the main alteration was a 2 inch full bust adjustment and an extra half inch added to the back as well. I think next time though I’d add maybe another 2in in length.

  3. Loving this top, especially under the cardigan, the gingham bow +collar popping out is so perfect! You are so cute it’s crazy girl. Also not sure if I said this before but I love the new website design as well.

    This is pretty unrelated but I follow you with bloglovin and wanted to give you a heads up that if you contact them with your old blog address and new blog address, they’ll transfer followers of the old site to the new site automatically for you. Maybe you knew this already though and if so, sorry for being redundant!

  4. The fit on the pattern is extremely flattering, (although it does also look like you’ve lost weight) it really highlights your waist shape. I like the firmness of the bow with this fabric, but agree with your thoughts on omitting it for the rayon. Can’t wait to see it when you get there…

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