Jim-Jam Party!

Hi guys! I’m heeeerree!…

… where is everybody?…

… what do you mean Karen’s Pyjama Party was yesterday?!


And it’s not my fault, I swear!

You see I got sucked in by this book – When You Were Mine – which is a modern re-telling of Romeo & Juliet but from the perspective of Rosaline, the one that was left behind when Romeo took up with that bitch Juliet. I blame Forever Young Adult for their glowing review.

Still better late than never… right? And any excuse for to wear pyjamas all day!

These took about four hours in total and used black silk/cotton blend and everyone’s favourite freebies – Colette Patterns’ Sorbetto and a variation on the Madeleine Bloomers.

Thanks for hosting Karen!

20 thoughts on “Jim-Jam Party!”

  1. Hey, I was late too. What you have done with these patterns is so sophisticated. Did you say silk and cotton? And, do I see pockets? As always, you prove to be anything but lazy . . .

  2. I was a tad late as well, I think it was 11pm my time when I posted my picture, so that’s ah… 5am on Sunday to the UK I think. Oops.

    I love those! I recently bought some silk cotton, it feels divine, so soft and light. If that is even half as nice it would be decadent to sleep in. I have pre-washed my fabric and it came out well, but I haven’t used this blend before to see how it is after multiple washings. How do you care for it?

  3. Wowzer!
    Those pjs look mighty comfy! Your black sleepwear is the b-bomb! I think I’ll have to pay homage (read: copy) your black-sorbetto-and-madeleine combo when it gets warmer here in Australia again.
    Cheers to you!
    #champagne flutes clink#

  4. Perfect combination! This is cute as can be! I was thinking of making the same set, actually, only (confession!) I hate sleeping in shorts due to my usually prickly legs (way too much information!)!

  5. Isn’t silk/cotton divine? Very cute PJs, they look super stylish and comfy. Not to mention, the self-indulgent read and a whole bottle of bubbly looks like a fun evening in!!

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