Palette Challenge: Vogue 1025

Why, yes! I did add floral wallpaper (thanks puglypixel) to these photos to make up for the meh way I feel about this pattern.

I had high hopes for Vogue 1025 but it’s just a bit too low cut and the arm holes are a bit too low and the fit is a bit  weird. All these things combined mean it’s an almost but not quite kind of garment.

Meh – so frustrating!


  • Sandy May 24, 2012

    It’s too bad about the fitting issues, because the dress is very pretty. It gives a great hourglass shape and nice texture without appearing bulky. Will you tweak the pattern more and give it another go?

  • ms. modiste May 24, 2012

    I agree with Sandy… I totally understand your fit concerns but if you could tweak it so you feel great about how it feels & wears, I think it’d be so awesome. It looks fantastic on you.

  • prttynpnk May 24, 2012

    OH, i think it has definite potential- the shape is very frisky- I hope you give it more time!

  • Melizza May 24, 2012

    If it helps it looks great from where I’m sitting 🙂

  • Ginger May 25, 2012

    I agree– it looks good from my perspective. I wonder if you could deepen the shoulder seams a little to raise the neckline and armholes?

    • Janine July 16, 2012

      I think you may be onto something, Ginger. If the shoulder seams were taken in, it would lift the whole dress, fixing the low cleavage/ big armhole problems and also lifting up the waistline so that the dress gives a more flattering shape; skimming over the hips. At the moment, the lower waist makes the skirt jut out over the hips, giving a figure 8 shape rather than a lovely x shape, as that gorgeous saffron number did.

  • Joanne May 25, 2012

    I think it looks great but I totally understand the meh fitting issues having just had the same experience! It was not what you wanted! A great everyday dress instead?

  • sallie May 25, 2012

    I agree with the other commenters – I think it looks great (though low armholes are a pet peeve of mine) Maybe it’ll be one you can wear with a cardigan or blazer!

  • Brumby May 28, 2012

    Hey sweetheart. What if you were to put a piece of lace or self fabric across the v like this: to resolve the low issue. Then, how about popping in another 1/4 moon shaped gusset to raise the underarm a little. Or, add sleeves (fabric permitting) to do this style gusset: Just a few thoughts on how to save it, I agree with the other ladies, it is a lovely silhouette, would be a shame not to try to make it work… Hope life is good otherwise and the new job is a better fit for you than the last… xxx

    • Lazy Stitching May 29, 2012

      Thanks for the links, hun! I’ll definitely check them out 🙂
      Ps. Loving the new job – much better fit x

  • sarah June 07, 2012

    Hey, I seem to be coming back to your blog whenever I google my favorite patterns – love your style!
    And thanks for the instructions for FBA on my favorite Vogue 1025.
    However, I think your main fit issue is that you actually DID an FBA. The dress has plenty of room for a bigger bust — when sewing for myself, I have made a more amateurish version of an FBA, but when I sewed for a lesser endowed friend, I realized that at least in the fabric I was using, there was still plenty of room for my GG/H cup.
    Give it another try, it’s my absolute favorite!

    • sarah June 07, 2012

      Oops! I have been working at Vogue 1027. But in any case, I think it would be worth trying without the FBA, it seems to be too roomy on top for you.

  • Lindsay June 18, 2012

    I had the same thought as ginger– maybe take up the shoulder seams a smidge– worth it if you’d wear it more that way!

    It doesn’t look too low-cut in the photos, btw. Werk it! 🙂

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