10 thoughts on “Full Bust Adjustment on a Pleated Bodice

  1. Your dres looks lovely on you!! It was quite interesting on how you did your Full bust ajustment. Last week, I too attempted to do a FBA on a vogue pleated bodice that wraps over the bust – the V8784 wrap dress. I drew and cut the 3 lines, just as you’ve described above – but my line 2 missed the two pleats altogether (a bit of laziness on my part!). As I have a short torso, I found that I had to rejoin line 3 back to the original pattern! And also had to shorten the side to the left of line two and then used a french curve to redraw the armhole to match the original armhole , as the FBA had shifted it so much!! I found that on my muslin, I had to take in the side seams a bit and tapered it to the waist. By the end of it I was turning the air blue from how much I was getting frustrated by the whole thing!!!

    In your case, all you need to do is redraw the arm hole to your comfortable requirements, as it is a sleeveless garment. If facings are required for the armholes , then it is easy to redraw them.

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  3. You are amazing! Thank you for the tutorial. I have spent hours online an reading about this process and never quite understood the process. I have to make a fairly large adjustment and my end result of the pattern never came out looking like the example. I wasn’t sure if I was doing it correctly. Now my end result closely resembles yours and I understand the process now. Thank you, you’re a gem!

  4. Congratulation and Than kyou a million times over. I have spent hours and dollars on books, searching for what you told me in 5 simple steps. Brilliant. I am working on Vogue 1194 which is similar but cut on the bias. Well done.

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