Double-knit Pencil Skirt

In a bout of familial duty, I volunteered today to go on a road trip with my parents. The objective: Empty and clean the small caravan my parents have stored in Petworth, a couple of hours south of London. To understand what a sacrifice this is, you must have watched the film Little Miss Sunshine* (or as I like to call it – every family vacation we’ve ever taken). Luckily no disasters yet but plenty of bickering and back-seat driving (usually Dad’s behind the wheel). At least, these days I am in possession of an iPad and can escape for a few minutes to share one of my summer sewing projects – an easy to wear double-knit pencil skirt.

No zipper, BurdaStyle Jenny and a folded waistband. (Worn with my black silk sorbetto PJ top!)


17 thoughts on “Double-knit Pencil Skirt”

  1. This is a great color but I am intrigued. The skirt holds up on its own? Or do you have an elastic in the waist? Because the double-knit sounds super stretchy since you didn’t put in a zipper but doesn’t it, ipso facto, grow during the day? The waistband, I mean.

    1. The double-knit has moderate stretch but the folded waistband is sturdy enough that it doesn’t stretch out. Admittedly,I tend to pull it on over my head rather than stepping into it so I don’t stretch the waist over my hips! 😉

  2. Ooo, me likey! I made a double knit pull on skirt last year, and I love it… but the waist facings took some of the stretch out and now it’s a bit loose. I love your idea of a foldover yoga waistband – I think that would be a perfect solution!

    1. Thank you! The best thing about double-knit is that for the most part you can sew it like a woven (e.g. side seams, darts etc.) the only thing I zigzagged was the waistband.

  3. Little Miss Sunshine is awesome. I should really rewatch that at some point, it seems to have come up in conversation 2-3 times in the past month.

    Love the skirt. I should think about using some double knit I have in my stash for a skirt.

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