Gertie’s Bombshell Bodice


The Pattern: BurdaStyle 07/2011 #132

Size + Alterations: I started with a size 48 but I followed Gertie’s Craftsy Course for the fitting so the actual size is anyone’s guess. I took quite a lot out of the back panels and the three-piece cup changed shape dramatically.

The Fabric: Oh, I splurged for this 😉 1.5m of Anna Maria Horner’s Turn of Events Voile and the same of medium weight cotton  both from the lovely folks at Raystitch.

Time to Make: I was on a bit of a deadline for this project so it was quite intense. I completed it during evenings for a week and over a weekend. Using the craftsy course was great as it broke it into manageable chunks but there’s no escaping the fact that there is a lot of hand sewing and fitting involved.


New Skills: Too many to count thanks to following the course – thread tracing, draping the cups, properly underlining, boning, joining the lining by hand.

bombshell-4x4Favourite Features: The fabric is just dreamy to work with and I love the way the zipper works – I hate the feeling of a side zipper tab under my arm so I inserted it upside down. It now sits at the bottom when zipped up.

Ch-ch-ch-changes: In hindsight, I made the cups a little shallow. It fits because they are quite wide but the centre panel doesn’t sit flat on my chest. The bodice is really a work of engineering because of the weight it needs to support so next time I would trace off the cups of a well fitting bra as the starting point.


First Worn: Eek, I haven’t yet. I chickened out of wearing it to the black-tie even as it was work related and this felt a little too booby-liscious. I’m working on building up my cahones to wear it in public.

Repeatability: Well I don’t really need another for the reasons above but for the learning experience – absolutely!

Sew Grateful: Thanks to Gertie for being a kick-ass teacher on the course.

35 thoughts on “Gertie’s Bombshell Bodice”

  1. It looks amazing – the most spectacular rendition of this pattern I’ve seen. I hope you manage to ‘grow some’ so that you can wear it out.

  2. Well done! From where I am sitting it looks like a perfectly fitted garment. And your fabric choice is just perfect. Love it! You should be proud of yourself! Gorgeous! :-)

  3. Congratulations – this looks fantastic, and fantastic on you! What a great fit. Love the “stays where you put it” factor. Just throw on a blazer/jacket and wear it out!

  4. WOW!!!!
    Va-va-voom … It’s like when Jessica Rabbit walks into a room …
    Seriously you are so gorgeous, out of the garment you’ve sewn, THIS one literally took my breath away when I saw it …
    Perfect fit!!!
    You should definitely wear it in public …

  5. Alana, this is absolutely stunning, you look wonderful. I’m very tempted to take the bombshell course just to learn the techniques. I’ve used that same voile too and it’s gorgeous, perfect for a slinky bombshell top! X

  6. That is quite an accomplishment! Out of curiosity, are there underwires in the cups? Speaking from one “blessed” girl to another, underwires (and deeper cups) are the only way you’re going to get the center front to “tack”. It’s why soft cup bras don’t work well either for separating the girls. But seriously, if you can get it to work with underwires, you are basically making a bra; and that’s not an easy feat when you’re beyond a B cup.

  7. Stunning! That fabric is gorgeous and the top looks great. I have looked at this pattern before and thought it would make a great bodice. Might have to have a crack at it!

  8. Alana – you look amazing. The best version of this pattern i’ve seen. I asked after you and they said you’d moved to a new workplace in the company. Hope all is good with you and your family?

  9. You look AMAZING!! It is stunning and you should wear it.

    Also, I would love to meet up when you’re here in Melbourne. Can you send me an email with your details? Xxx

  10. You look serioulsy great in this! Fantastic fit and I love that material so much, I like your straps more than the original ones as well. This would look so great under a jacket with pants or a skirt, I hadn’t bothered doing this course but I think I might have to now!

  11. Alana, you look fabulous! The top fits you so well and it’s such a great fabric. Hey, you’ve now worn it for the www to see, so wearing it out should be no big thing, right? 😉 Beautiful job!

  12. Girlfriend?! I hope you know that you look staggeringly gorgeous? Va va voom! Beautiful. I agree that you need to feel confident in public with this bodice (having made it myself) but I agree that you learn so much.

  13. You look gorgeous! I think the top fits you like a dream! Seriously, that sort of top IS a feat of engineering – no matter the size bust! I kind of failed at the whole draping cups thing and it’s my biggest regret with my bombshell dress. I’m really amazed by how well fitting your cups are – no gaping!!

  14. You did a great job on your top! The fit looks really good but I completely feel your pain about the bridge not sitting flat against the breastbone. I have been having the same problem with my muslin. I am about to give up and just keep moving on with it. It may be impossible to get it flat without underwires.

    But your fabric choice, style, and fit are all perfect and you look stunning in your new top!

  15. Sweetheart is looks AMAZING! It has to be shown to the world, has to, has to! Agree, not too much bosom as the girls aren’t sitting up under your chin saying ‘here I am’ or anything; with blazer and jeans it would look fab for ‘casual’ drinks or something.

    Can I also just say, you are exceptionally good at picking pattens which flatter your figure and highlight your assets! I look at some in our community who continually pick patterns which make them look fuller (despite being slender), or older, or disguise their great booty – you my dear have really learnt what colours and styles work for you. Each garment you make seems even more delicious than the last, I’ve really enjoyed seeing your skills progress over the years!

  16. The execution is perfection and the look is vavoom. I think I would be pretty concerned about wearing this to something work related too if I had your gorgeous bod.

  17. Wow! It looks fantastic on you… I just registered for this class and now I’m so excited after seeing your top. What a good idea putting the zipper so it stops at the bottom… I always seem to pinch myself when it’s under my armpit. Thanks for the idea!

  18. I think it looks gorgeous on you and I think you should wear it out for sure… maybe a with a little sheer wrap so you still see what’s underneath but gives you a little security of not revealing all… but hey you’ve got it and it looks great so flaunt it! Maybe not a work function depending on what your work colleagues are like but definitely wear this dress as you look stunning in it! I signed up for this class and have watched it all the way through but wasn’t sure if this style would suit me but now that I’ve lost a little more weight I might just have to add this one to my sewing to do list for sure! Thanks for sharing with us :)

  19. It fits really great! You look awesome. And now you’re making me want to make one for myself. Had you not said anything about the center not hitting at the place you wanted, I would’ve never noticed. All I can see is a really nice fit in the cups. Nicely done!!

  20. oh WOW! That’s truly fantastic. I’ve got the Gertie book and Craftsy course and am now inspired to go for it.
    Im totally stealing the zip idea too!

  21. This is utterly inspiring. I have yet to try a Craftsy class, wondering if it would be worthwhile. THIS is so worthwhile! A well fitting bustier on a busty person like myself. I am so encouraged. It looks fantastic, love the crossed straps in the back and the upside down zipper is so smart. Thanks for the post! New follower!


  22. Delurking to say you look amazing in this dress. Really, really! You indicate a problem at the bust but you really can’t tell from where I’m seated. I say it’s time to let those cajones out to the world!

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