Travelling Pants: Sewaholic Thurlows

I remember reading in one of Trinny and Susannah’s books that as a skittle (bowling pin), trousers weren’t the most flattering choice for my shape. Whilst I understand the sentiment, I am un-prepared to lead a pants-less existence so enter these shorts. I plan on making the longer version but there were quite a lot of new techniques for me so I gave it a bash first on these shorts to take on my holiday home in a couple of weeks.

thurlow-titleThe Pattern: Sewaholic 1203 Thurlow Trousers

Size + Alterations: I made a size 16 with a 1/2 inch added to each of the side and in-seams and 1 inch to the length. I left off the belt loops as I wouldn’t wear a belt with these anyway and lastly I made a mistake with the waistband (more on that later) so the pointed edge is outermost on these.

The Fabric: Mustard (the cooler khaki) Cotton Sateen from Walthamstow Market. Navy gingham for the lining.

Time to Make: Much quicker than I thought – I started cutting them out about 4pm and worked until 10pm then finished them in the morning so all up about 8 hours including cutting out.

photoNew Skills: Welt Pockets and inserting a front fly – very glad I made a muslin first as there is still a bit of practise to be done.

thurlow-detailsFavourite Features: As always Tasia’s instructions are one of the best – I know I can follow them blindly step-by-step and it’ll all come together. Other bits I like – navy gingham and mustard is one of my favourite combinations. Discovering that a blind-hem foot can be adapted for edge-stitching on the cuffs.


Ch-ch-ch-changes:  The seat still needs a little more room and I think I need to transfer a bit from the vertical part of the crotch curve to the horizontal at the front. I also, totally faffed-up the waistband/fly – NB: when the pattern piece says ‘cut 1 right side up’ it’s talking  about the pattern paper not the fabric – doh! This meant that my left and right waistbands (each has it’s own pattern piece) are reversed. I made do and put the pointed piece on the outside but I had to improvise because the length wasn’t sufficient for finishing the top edge of the fly facing.

thurlow-flyFirst Worn: Around home – it’s fricking freezing out there!

Repeatability: Definitely. I have some grey suiting ready to go for the full length version.

Sew Grateful: Tasia for making all the new techniques straightforward and un-intimidating. Lauren for her amazing sew-a-long posts and inspiration.

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  • liza jane February 25, 2013

    They look fantastic! I love the mustard/navy combo too. Your welt pockets look great. I’m still too intimidated to try them.

  • Jenni February 25, 2013

    being slightly larger than you in size I’m always keen to see how you alter patterns so I can take inspiration from (eg copy) what you do! however you have outdone yourself here, great shorts and I think a long way outside my current skill zone, so well done on a great job :o)

  • Suzie February 25, 2013

    Oh wow, seriously impressed! These turned out fab – especially the welt pockets!!! I also love the mustard and stripes combo that you have going on.

  • sallie February 25, 2013

    Gorgeous! Who says you can’t wear trousers?!? Besides, a pants-less life sounds like no fun to me! I think the full length Thurlows will be very flattering on you. I love the mustard color/navy gingham combo, and your fearless tackling of all the new techniques!

  • Tilly February 25, 2013

    Great job! They’re really nice. And good idea to make the shorts first. So jealous about your Summer holiday! xx

  • Marie February 25, 2013

    I absolutely love these on you Alana! Job well done methinks ;o)

  • Brumby February 25, 2013

    Still think you’re being too hard on yourself about those welts, they are amazingly good for first (second, third or even fourth attempt!). That is an odd way of writing the pattern instructions, I would always assume the pattern piece to be up right way, as well as the fabric on a single layer cut too. It has been a while since I used a modern pattern (ok any pattern), and I’ve never used an independant, so maybe this is ‘normal’ for them but would have made the same mistake too!

    Very much looking forward to seeing you when you’re here!!!

    • Brumby February 25, 2013

      PS – your new do, looks fab!!

  • Amanda February 26, 2013

    These are all kinds of rad! I have never considered mustard and gingham but that is one hell of an awesome colour combo! Nice work!

  • Ginger March 06, 2013

    These are so cute! Love ’em! What a great color!

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