Hello Old Friend! Mojo: How to lose it and get it back again

Maybe you’ve noticed the silence round these parts and maybe not but it’s been a frustrating couple of months. It started, as it often does with life getting in the way. The stress of job hunting – I’m all good with change but uncertainty does my head in – then

T.G.I.F. + More Croquis

Just wanted to pop in to say hi and a humongous thank you for all the encouragement too. Things have been plenty better this week with several interviews. The positions are mostly a step down from what I was doing but with good companies so keep your fingers crossed. Unfortunately,

Personal Post

I almost accidently uploaded my CV instead of an image, which is why I’m taking a wee break.
Hey guys,
The job hunting situation in London has me a little consumed at the moment so I’m going to take a blogging break for a couple of weeks. I appreciate all the support you guys

The Toast Tunic

At what point does a Sorbetto stop being a Sorbetto? I’m not sure of the answer, but I do know Colette’s free tank top pattern hasn’t let me down yet.
One of my favourite discoveries in England has been the phenomenon of the Toast Catalogue.
Toast is clothing/homewares store that stocks simple

Hopes for 2012, Baby!

I know, don’t I look all festive and celebratory?
In actual fact, I’m having a quiet new years more along these lines but I hope whatever you’re doing you are having a lovely time!
2011 was a bit of a write-off for me personally, the first 6 moths were spent working extremely

A Vintage Christmas Colette Macaron

This is my second version of Colette Pattern’s Macaron dress although the first, which you can see here, was really a wearable muslin. For this version I finally got to use this lovely vintage cotton floral twill I found at a cool vintage fabric store just off Brick Lane, simply

Sew-free Sunday + Walthamstow Market

Hey guys,

I’ve decided to start collecting all the random things I come across when I’m procrastinating instead of sewing in a weekly post. Some are sewing related and some are just random.

Welcome to Sew-free Sunday.

This week:

I have three works in progress but I wasn’t feeling inspired by any of them

Colette Patterns Fall Palette Challenge

This autumn Sarai & Caitlin from Colette Patterns are reprising their palette challenge from Spring with the Fall Palette Challenge.
I’m really excited to participate as my feeble attempt at Self-Stitched-September has been hamstringed by my lack not just a lack of self-stitched clothing, but clothing in general. In fact, my entire wardrobe

Sewing in a New Country – British Buys

In addition to what was packed in my suitcase, I thought I’d share what I’ve bought since arriving.

Ray Stitch is the brand new bricks and mortar version of the online store. Happily they are located on Essex Road just around the corner from my parents place in Islington, the store

Preparing to Sew in a New Country

I thought I’d do a little post about how I’ve managed the move to the U.K. in terms of my sewing space and materials. Moving countries in itself is a bit of a nightmare in terms of packing, and even more so when you’re limited to 20kg (~44lb) weight so