The Coco Club

Sometimes I wonder if sewists have a hive mind. Judging by how many black funnel-necked versions of Tilly’s fabulous Coco pattern there have been – evidence is stacked in favour.

It’s a trend I’m happy to follow although to be fair, this version was made back in January as a pattern

Four for Thursday: New #NYLON2014 Friends

1. Carmen // CarmencitaB
2. Vicki // Another Sewing Scientist
3. Devra // Puu’s Door of Time
4. Jennifer // Workroom Social
… and so many more friends new + old…
thanks to rachel for an epic day

Vogue 1250: Floral Jersey Faithful

I love this dress to the point it’s been hard to photograph because I wear it so much. It’s Vogue 1250, seen previously here and here.

I’m aftraid I don’t have anything new to add to the previous times I’ve made it – same size, same FBA albeit in a drapier

Four for Thursday: Super Simple Blouses

1. Mae Top // TOAST // £65
2. Cynthia Rowley // Simplicity 1366
3. Sewaholic // Belcarra Blouse
4. Vintage Jiffy Re-issue // Simplicity 1364

#LoveAtFirstStitch: Wire-lined Brigitte Scarf Tutorial

Join the party with Tilly’s Brigitte Scarf tutorial to celebrate the release of Love At First Stitch.

I love a pretty head scarf but they never stay on so I had to get a bit creative. A quick google bought up the suggestion of adding wire to one of the edges

Love At First Stitch: A curvy perspective of Tilly’s New Book

Let’s start with a disclaimer – that sounds fun doesn’t it.

Tilly is someone I consider a dear friend. Like many, I first got to know her through her gorgeous blog and then in London sewing meet-ups. She is one of the most generous, helpful, energetic and enthusiastic ambassadors for sewing

Me Made May: A different challenge

May is a month of celebrating who we are as a community and what we do. Zoe’s Me Made May challenge is arguably the biggest event on the sewing blogger’s calendar and for years we have proudly paraded our self stitchery and dutifully documented our daily outfits. I have learned

FO: Simple Sewaholic Saltspring


Back again with a post I procrastinated over for a few months. Not that there’s anything wrong with this dress – it’s just I’m still struggling to find somewhere to take photos in my flat. The light of an English winter being what it is I’ve pushed the exposure on

Colette Hawthorn: A Modern Sampler

i forgot to mention in my last post a new machine had joined the family and at the time of purchase I went a bit foot crazy and added some useful (according to le internet anyway) ones to my stash. Then followed much procrastination about actually using them, until a

Salt-Fall Dress: Adding Sleeves to the Sewaholic Saltspring Dress Pattern

This is pretty much the dress I want to wear all of the time, these days. It’s stretchy, comfortable and can be dressed up or down easily… and it has pockets.


The Pattern: Sewaholic Renfrew + Sewaholic Saltspring
Contrary to what actually makes it to the blog, I have been sewing in the few