Stevie’s Pattern Marking Pen

Want to see something so very cool?

This is Stevie’s Pattern Marking Pen (Frixion from Pilot) generously gifted to me at the Brighton Meet-up a couple of weeks ago.

It’s like magic – the ink disappears with the heat of the iron (just test on a fabric scrap first).

Vlog: Sewaholic Pendrell FBA (part two)

… and here’s part two. Warning, my editing software putted out on me so this one is pretty wordy!


In case it’s needed here’s the picture of the adjustments to the front piece:

The first adjustment should match the gap filled at Line 3 on the side piece. The next is to

Vlog: Sewaholic Pendrell FBA (part one)

Procrastination leads me to many crazy pursuits. In my desire to put off packing, I’ve been doing a fair bit of sewing and decided to try making a video of the full bust adjustment on Sewaholic’s Pendrell Blouse.

The result is somewhat awkward (god it’s awful watching yourself on film)  and