Colette Hawthorn: A Modern Sampler

i forgot to mention in my last post a new machine had joined the family and at the time of purchase I went a bit foot crazy and added some useful (according to le internet anyway) ones to my stash. Then followed much procrastination about actually using them, until a

Guilded Colette Lily

Another summer sewing project, this dress was made in a hurry but is still my favourite dress of the season.

The fabric was a serendipitous find from Walthamstow market at only a pound a meter. I have a sneaking suspicion it may have been a home dec cloth but this dress would not

Wardrobe Planning: Inspiration, Comfort + Compromise

There has been many a meaningful discussion of late around what we sew and why. Sewaholic’s take on frosting vs. cake and Colette Patterns’ practical wardrobe posts both put into words the thoughts I’d had about Wardrobe Planning the second time around.

For the fall Palette challenge I’d gotten excited and

Madeleine Bloomers Variation: The Tap-Pants

Thanks for all the lovely comments on the pjs – it feels good to actually finish something after such a long sewer’s block!

This is actually the second time I’ve made this combo – the first was for little sis’s christmas present. She was heading off to backpack through India and

Jim-Jam Party!

Hi guys! I’m heeeerree!…

… where is everybody?…

… what do you mean Karen’s Pyjama Party was yesterday?!


And it’s not my fault, I swear!

You see I got sucked in by this book – When You Were Mine – which is a modern re-telling of Romeo & Juliet

Colette Patterns’ Palette Challenge Spring/Summer 2012

Twice yearly the lovely ladies from Colette Patterns host a seasonal palette challenge. After deciding on a colour palette, the intrepid sewist makes a wardrobe plan to be completed over an 8-12week period.

As always I planned big with last fall’s challenge and finished somewhat mediocre. You would think I’d learn

OWOP Days 1-3

I’m joining Tilly’s celebration of our favourite sewing patterns with the One Week, One Pattern project. Pop on over to check it out.

1. Stripey Sorbetto: Worn to brunch with my Brother and his friends

2. Stripey Sorbetto: Looking all zen with stripey PJ pants

3. White Lace Sorbetto: Back to work


Colette Fall Palette Challenge Wrap

With the end of the year also came my self-imposed deadline for the Colette Patterns Fall Palette Challenge and whilst I barely completed half of the original plan, I still consider it a big success.

It all kicked off with the collection of inspiration images on a pinterest board. These formed

The Toast Tunic

At what point does a Sorbetto stop being a Sorbetto? I’m not sure of the answer, but I do know Colette’s free tank top pattern hasn’t let me down yet.
One of my favourite discoveries in England has been the phenomenon of the Toast Catalogue.
Toast is clothing/homewares store that stocks simple

A Vintage Christmas Colette Macaron

This is my second version of Colette Pattern’s Macaron dress although the first, which you can see here, was really a wearable muslin. For this version I finally got to use this lovely vintage cotton floral twill I found at a cool vintage fabric store just off Brick Lane, simply