Gertie’s Bombshell Bodice


The Pattern: BurdaStyle 07/2011 #132

Size + Alterations:¬†I started with a size 48 but I followed Gertie’s Craftsy Course for the fitting so the actual size is anyone’s guess. I took quite a lot out of the back panels and the three-piece cup changed shape dramatically.

The Fabric: Oh, I splurged for this ūüėČ 1.5m of Anna Maria Horner’s Turn of Events Voile¬†and the same of medium weight cotton¬†¬†both from the lovely folks at Raystitch.

Time to Make:¬†I was on a bit of a deadline for this project so it was quite intense. I completed it during evenings for a week and over a weekend. Using the craftsy course was great as it broke it into manageable chunks but there’s no escaping the fact that there is a lot of hand sewing and fitting involved.


New Skills: Too many to count thanks to following the course Рthread tracing, draping the cups, properly underlining, boning, joining the lining by hand.

bombshell-4x4Favourite Features: The fabric is just dreamy to work with and I love the way the zipper works РI hate the feeling of a side zipper tab under my arm so I inserted it upside down. It now sits at the bottom when zipped up.

Ch-ch-ch-changes:¬†In hindsight, I made the cups a little shallow. It fits because they are quite wide but the centre panel doesn’t sit flat on my chest. The bodice is really a work of engineering because of the weight it needs to support so next time I would trace off the cups of a well fitting bra as the starting point.


First Worn:¬†Eek, I haven’t yet. I chickened out of wearing it to the black-tie even as it was work related and this felt a little too booby-liscious. I’m working on building up my cahones to wear it in public.

Repeatability:¬†Well I don’t really¬†need¬†another for the reasons above but for the learning experience – absolutely!

Sew Grateful: Thanks to Gertie for being a kick-ass teacher on the course.

Gertie’s Bombshell Dress Intensive

Long story; short? I have one week to make a dress for a black-tie masquerade event for work. Finally an excuse to put the Craftsy course purchased a year ago to work.

Day One: Planning

Remember this Louis Vuitton collection? Easy inspiration.

Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 via


Gertie’s Crepe Sew-along #2: Bodice Muslin Take Two

Crap! I basted my bodice together and photographed it in the¬†last post before reading the instructions clearly. Thankfully a lovely commenter knitbunnie pointed out that I’d pinned the back wrap round to the side seams when it was only supposed to go just past the back darts. I hadn’t started making any changes yet so no time wasted, phew.

Here it is without any other changes aside from pinning it in the right place.

Gah! Now it’s too loose in weird parts that are extremely hard to pin out when you’re working by yourself. I am flexible but I don’t think I can pin out the excess at the back without dislocating something.

At the moment this is a 16 at the shoulder grading down to an 18 at the waist. I’m thinking about leaving the 18 at the waist and recutting the shoulders/bust as a 14 but adding an FBA. The FBA would also lower the bust point a little which wouldn’t hurt.

Dagnabbit, it’s moments like this that I realise how out of my depth I am when it comes to fitting. It’s partly why I signed up for the sew-along in the first place. But it’s okay, I can let my impatience and complete lack of attention to detail run wild with the¬†quick party dress projects since the Crepe Sew-along runs at a slow and steady pace through January.

Deep breaths.