English Summer Sorbetto

Fabric: Polyester print from Spotlight $8. Scraps from Pendrell Blouse for the collar.
Pattern: Colette Sorbetto, $Free, baby! Self-drafted collar.
Notions: Nada.
Time to complete: 5 hours (including pattern alterations)
First worn: July 7 2011 – birthday lunch with little sis.
Wear again? For sure.

Total Cost: ~$8

Okay, so it hasn’t rained all the time since arriving in London but it seemed like the perfect cliched photo op.

It took me two days to leave the house in the wake of flipping time on it’s head (a 12 hour time difference means midnight is now lunchtime and vice-versa) but Thursday was my 29th birthday and my little sister enticed me out of the house with promise of Wagagmama for lunch and I’m not one to turn down free noodles.

The pattern is a popular new freebie from Colette Patterns – the Sorbetto Tank. It’s an uber simple design with bust darts, and a centre box pleat but it has plenty of draw-cards besides the ‘price’. Most of all it’s ease (only two pattern pieces) and versatility – I decided to make the most of the nautical fabric and try my hand at a self drafted peter pan collar. This was pretty straight forward and mostly successful for a first attempt.

To create the collar, I traced the neck line from the front and back then drew a second line about 2 and 1/2 in width from there. At the centre front I grabbed a jar I had handy and used it to curve off the edges. After that I just built in seam allowances and that was it. For fabric I used the scraps at hand, namely the matte stain from my Pendrell Blouse as it was just the right off-white shade. I underlined this with a thick white cotton which I also used as lining to keep it stiff without having to locate interfacing from one of my packed boxes. I used patter~scissors~cloth’s technique of cutting the lining about 3mm smaller than the main piece so it would turn under nicely then stitched the two together.

After clipping the curves, I turned it out and pressed then basted the raw neck edges together. Then I sandwiched the collar right-side up on top of the right-side of the blouse and under the self-fabric bias binding (made using this tutorial

(Sorry for the lack of pictures – I did take them but somehow they dissappeared in the move)

The back collar I just made one continuous piece.

The only other adjustment I made was a 2 inch basic bodice full bust adjustment, similar to this one, which was about as simple as an fba comes.

This was one of the last projects I made before putting my machines in storage and because of the resistance of the polyester fabric I didn’t need to iron it after unceremoniously stuffing it in my suitcase. It also stood up to the bucketing rain as I played the classy tourist and took photo’s of myself with red telephone boxes and the likes.

In other exciting news – my new sewing machine arrived today and I have a few leads on where to look for fabrics in London so I see many more Sorbettos in my future.


Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration

It’s a long weekend in New Zealand for Queens Birthday (not the queen’s actual birthday apparently just an excuse). Anyways, a long weekend seems to mean a long to do list. Tomorrow is put aside for a big clear out and putting anything worth selling on trademe (our version of craigslist/ebay). But today was all about making lists in my cute new mmmg notebook.

I’ve always been obssesed with capsule wardrobes but the idea of living for months from one suitcase has taken it to an extreme. Here’s some of the inspiration pics I’ve been collecting:

Capsule Packing

Capsule Packing by lazystitching featuring draped tops

This was just thrown together in polyvore for ideas.

I adore the immaculate coordination of these vintage patterns.

The following are from all over the place, collected on pinterest – click through for sources.

The Summer Palette

Just because my mojo AWOL this year, doesn’t mean I stopped thinking about sewing projects, or even that I stopped buying fabric and patterns – I just never quite made it to the sewing machine. Ah well,  this means I have lots of inspiration pics collected on Pinterest to draw on. Angie A. over at Quality Time has been summarizing her Pinterest pins in order to distill her wardrobe taste so I’ve followed her lead when it came to making a Summer Palette for my travel wardrobe.

The first step of Colette Pattern’s Spring Palette Challenge was to create a colour palette before choosing projects. The forums on their site provide loads of inspiration too.

The colours I’ve picked combine my staples (let’s admit it I wear a fair bit of black due to my clumsy coffee spilling ways) with soft denim, washed out cobalt blue, deep turquoise, buttery yellow and a rosy hot pink. I like the idea of colours that were originally really saturated but have been washed out a little by sunlight.

After picking the colours, I went back to my modest stash and pulled any fabrics I thought might work.

I seem to have plenty of blues and blacks but less so of the brighter warmer colours but still there’s pieces here, including some denim.

A slinky knit in lots of the palette colours
12m of this slubby black cotton
Ivory matte satin
2m of turquoise swiss-dot cotton
Shimmery cobalt fabric for a cocktail dress