Vogue 1250: Floral Jersey Faithful

imageI love this dress to the point it’s been hard to photograph because I wear it so much. It’s Vogue 1250, seen previously here and here.


I’m aftraid I don’t have anything new to add to the previous times I’ve made it – same size, same FBA albeit in a drapier viscose jersey.

imageThe gorgeous print and the softness of the fabric drew me in but unfortunately it has some quality issues – you can see the pilling and fabing in the waist area. So dissapointing!

imageStill I’ll keep wearing it as long as I can – you’ll have to pry it away.


Palette Challenge: Saffron Vogue 1250 + FBA

Continuing on my quest for work-wear that feels like PJs, I finally jumped on the Vogue 1250 bandwagon and like a broken record I can add my cry to the masses – “what took me so long?!”.

Made from a soft golden light-weight double-knit found on Goldhawk Road, I started cutting the pattern at 6:30pm last night and was done by 10:00pm. It’s such a dream to go together.

The only tricky bit was figuring out the full bust adjustment, as there is really only 2 pieces to this pattern – the upper back, and the rest. I took flat measurements and added a couple of inches to the skirt at the centre back. I knew I’d need more room at the bust but I didn’t want to add any at the waist so rather than a normal FBA, I winged it. (Sorry if it doesn’t make sense – theĀ pictures didn’t come out as clear as I’d hoped.)

The net result is a much deeper tuck at the shoulder giving more room at the bust. I had my fingers crossed the whole way but I like how it turned out.

FYI: The Big Four on Sale

Just a heads up if you’re looking for some 2012 sewing inspiration there are some g00d pattern deals to be had right now.


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  • International shipping is US$7.25 for the first pattern then $2.25 for each additional one.

McCall.com – Butterick, McCall’s, Vogue

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  • Sale ends January 2, end of day CDT.

MMM Day One

Oh boy, I hereby admit to being a terrible participant. Apparently my best intentions of sewalongs and project themes are just no match for my ability to veg out and do nothing. Whilst, one of my firm beliefs is sewing feels like a chore, you shouldn’t do it, I would also like to believe I’m not one to back down from a challenge so here is my pledge for So Zo’s Challenge:

‘I, Alana of Lazy Stitching, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-March ’11. I endeavour to wear all me-made items with the exception of tights, knitwear and unmentionables each day for the duration of March 2011′

After the fun of Self-Stitched-September I’ve tried to step up my commitment from just wearing one me-made item a day. But I also know, I’m never going to get round to sewing knit basics like singlets and cardigans. I tried once and it didn’t go well:

Armholes forever!

I eased into it today with the last project I made before my un-intentional hiatus – The Jail-break Dress adapted from Vogue 1109.

Someone at work told me it looked like something from Alice in Wonderland. I hope they meant it as a compliment because that’s how I’m taking it šŸ˜‰

Jail-break Dress: Vogue 1109

Here it is. The perfect getaway dress for my holiday office parole.

I’ve had this one in the back of my mind for a while, inspired first by this dress from Brian Reyes Resort 2011.

And to be honest I was expecting this project to be harder but everything kept falling into place. I found this pattern, Vogue 1109, and decided to take a gamble.

I extended the hem to the knee, following the existing lines on the tunic front, back and sides and I raised the arm hole by an inch. I ended up needing to take an extra dart of fabric at the bust, but that was the only hiccup asides from theĀ pain of cutting graphic stripes.

It’s simple but unusual – which I like and the instructions, written by Sandra Betzina, are fantastic.

So now it’s Christmas Eve and I have two full weeks off to relax and sew and swim at the beach…

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones xo.

Betty Dress: Vogue 8631

I don’t know why, but this dress feels like a ‘Betty’ to me. It’s Very Easy Vogue 8631 and it was an absolute dream to sew. Maybe it’s because I’ve been sewing with a few tricky fabrics lately and this was plain old polka-dotty cotton, but it went together easily, all the instructions made sense, all the bits fit together well, and the only thing I found odd is that it relies on just a hook and eye to keep the front closed.

It’s a pretty simple design with maximum pay off. The bodice has kimono sleeves and two pleats, the skirt has 3 pleats. The back has two skirt darts, two back darts and two tiny neckline darts to keep it fitted. The centre back skirt seam is curved slightly so I couldn’t match the pattern as well as the centre back bodice seam.

And here’s the detail on the gorgeous pleating.


I’ll definitely be sewing this one again. Originally I purchased the pattern (as part of the box-o-patterns) to make up something like this dress from Tory Burch. Maybe even using sari fabric?

Tory Burch Resort 2011 via style.com


Pattern: US$3.99

Fabric: $14.5 (2.9m @ $5/m – Spotlight)

Thread: $3.0

TOTAL: NZ$25.50 / US$$17.70